Klinger Organ

Driver Boards:

We  are now making our own magnet driver boards.

The system is modular using two types of boards and can be programmed to drive any note on any channel.  The boards are available in 32 note modules and plug together to get 32, 64, 96 or 128 outputs from a single controller module. The controller modules have MIDI in and MIDI thru and can be chained easily. 

Information is available by clicking the button to the left marked Modular Magnet Driver

Information about Mr.MIDI:


Combination Controller/Driver Boards:

Built in 32 - 64 - 72 - 80 & 96  note design. Each board is complete with MIDI IN, MIDI Thru, Controller section and driver section on one board. Data Expansion socket allows adding modular boards to make larger or custom systems up to 128 notes per base.